Two years have passed because the release of our previous vacation movie “0506”. Acquiring done a whole lot of professional work in the previous months, we decided to allocate some time into an additional impartial piece. Given that the vacation period was just around the corner, the concept was rather substantially evident. The movie was to be stuffed with vacation pleasure, little ones, snow, pine trees and a full whole lot of sweet cane.

We were being pretty delighted with our previously piece “Daily Men and women”, but felt that the style and techniques used in it could be taken further more. In the end we decided for the animation to simulate a carnival puppet theatre applying paper cutout figures. All the characters and scene components were being designed as vector illustrations and then textured with paper grain to give them additional tactile look. The original assortment of components built for this project highlighted around sixty distinct characters – the quantity we experienced to restrict in order to hold the movie movement fascinating and to manage a sensible length for the full piece.

The animation characteristics two distinct models. All the history and scene components move as if driven by a clockwork machinery. Fairly than keyframing them by hand, we in fact developed a network of backlinks and expressions in AfterEffects allowing for us to manage the rotation applying a one “motor” factor. All the delays amongst distinct planes and jerking when the velocity modifications abruptly are the outcome of this digital clockwork designed particularly for the project.

For the characters we decided to go with substantially softer animation, simulating the precise movements of a puppet on the adhere. We printed some of the characters, attached them to tongue depressors and played with them in front of the keep an eye on in order to get the movements right. The last animation characteristics a blend of keyframed animation and random motion offering the puppets substantially additional believable look, and bringing them into focus thanks to the distinction with the mechanical surroundings.

At first, we planned to execute the total project in photorealistic 3D applying Maya, but thanks to the time constraints (the total movie was designed in 2 months) we settled on a simulated 3D applying AfterEffects. It has verified to be the right decision – applying a blend of glows, shadows and straightforward lights, we managed to emulate sophisticated 3D illumination even though radically decreasing render moments.

As for the audio – we dropped the audio in favor of pure effects soundtrack. Again, the audio has been encouraged by clockwork machinery and analogue appears. This technique emphasized the all round sense we wanted to give to the project – being absent from the electronic and remembering the spirit of holiday seasons.

The project was produced as a mini-web page and generated above 5 thousand visits on the initial day on your own. You can watch it applying either the backlinks on the right-hand facet of this site (smaller sized resolution), or go immediately to the minisite at and watch it in its complete hi-definition dimension.

Made: December 21, 2007

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