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Month: March 2017

Wintertime In Saxony (Sachsen)

Wintertime Impressions from the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge) in Saxony (Sachsen) in Germany near to the Czech border. From Fichtelberg on the idyllic, greatest village in Saxony – Teller properties – via the intimate knight by Pöhlwassertal Environmentally friendly and on to Black Mountain sales opportunities our visual journey. Previous the snowy and pristine open fields, mountain ridges and slender forest streets, lined by pine trees with thick snow. Previous the ice and snow confined mountain streams and waterfalls. Trip to the workshop of the beef carver plate homes – in the Fridolin – Cleats and soar to the exercise...

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A Glow Inventive video clip collaboration with Tulum eco-resort Casa de las Olas and the United kingdom Impartial. Our guides Jimmy & Samantha of Olas confirmed us the ‘real’ Tulum and gave us an insider’s knowledge of the ideal Tulum has to offer you. Likes: 2 Considered: 351...

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