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Author: mandmweb

Little Illiteracy

It’s a little hard to see in this shot, I know, but this the intersection of Ellesmere Road and Victoria Park Avenue on what was once the border of North York (right) and Scarborough (left). I’ve come to refer to it as Dumbass Corners, because every single day, almost without exception, the driver on this bus has to tell some brand new, slack-jawed idiot that this is a double fare express bus, and this invariably takes three attempts and most of a minute to accomplish. Not really a big deal, but I used to vent a lot on this...

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The Pink Panther and Sons

When I was a teenager and Saturday morning was still a sea of cartoons, Hanna-Barbera came up with a single-season offering that really caught my imagination. I’d go so far as to say it really stepped up my desire to be an artist and animator. The show was The Pink Panther and Sons, and recently, I found the show’s model sheets for sale on eBay for about $20 US. They arrived yesterday. These must be from when the show hadn’t quite gelled yet, because I do notice some deltas from the show I remember. The first and most profound...

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Binds that tie

I haven’t had much to say here in years. God knows if I will now. Times were, three or four people checked in on me here during the week, but I guess I’ve long since let them down. But it occurs to me just to fire something off into the darkness. So right now I’m working contract for a government ministry. I’m coming up on five weeks left, with no extension or other job prospect in sight… though believe me, I’m trying. I’m a little scared. I’ve been here before and I don’t like it, and I’d give a lot to just find something solid again and settle into it for several years. It almost seems like those jobs aren’t available anymore. At least not to me. But, like I said, I’m trying. I actually got a face-to-face interview about three weeks ago (spoiler alert: they’ve since gone with another candidate). It wasn’t a bad commute; one twenty-minute bus ride to about six minutes and two stops of subway time. I’ve certainly had worse commutes. And the work sounded interesting and rewarding. So an interview was booked for 4 in the afternoon. Strictly speaking, I work till 5, but within w hours or so, you can book off for “appointments” and make up the time later. So I did. So now comes the fun part. Just before leaving, like...

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ABC Wednesday – E

  Click the logo at left to see posts by other people! The letter for this current week is E! One of my favorite “silly” poems is (my second grade students used to love it!) Eletelephony by Laura Elizabeth Richards Once there was an Elephant,Who tried to use the telephant—No! No! I mean an ElephoneWho tried to use the telephone—(Dear me! I am not certain quiteThat even now I’ve got it right.)Howe’er it was, he got his trunkEntangled in the telephunk;The more he tried to get it free,The louder buzzed the telephee—(I fear I’d better drop the songOf Elephop...

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