About the Function
The set up for Sony’s charity party “Ai no Izumi” (Fountain of Enjoy), is on display at Sony Square, the party area at the Sony Creating in Ginza. Crystal pillars of light (reaching to a peak of eight m) mix with resourceful fund-raising to display a assortment of shades and patterns, developing a harmony of lovely light and sound for passersby.


Artwork Director: Hiroshi Ouchi
Designers: Shigeru Makino, Hajime Nagatsuka, Shota Oga, Tatsuki Kondo
Sound Structure:Shojiro Nakaoka (Bitztream)
Producer:Yuki Tazaki
Specialized Path: LUFTZUG
Installation Item: TORAFU Architects
Design: NOMURA Co., Ltd.
Cinematography: Daisuke Ohki
Preparing Production: Sony PCL Inc.
Shopper: Sony Business Co.,Ltd

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