Evaporative Cooler – Routine maintenance strategies

Change cooler pads frequently

By means of my several years of doing work on evaporative coolers I have discovered that poor maintenance of cooler pad substance likely contributes the most to premature deterioration of the full cooler. Most house owners experience they are conserving income by leaving the outdated pads in the device for as long as possible but, in the end they are costing on their own much extra income in the long operate by possessing to alter out the full cooler several years prior to they need to have to alter it. I will demonstrate why this is usually the circumstance. But to start with let’s glance at the distinctive sorts of evaporative cooler media.

Discrepancies in Evaporative Media

The most widespread pad substance for evaporative coolers is aspen pad. These pads get their name simply because they are made of wood shavings from aspen trees. The aspen wood is then enclosed in plastic cheesecloth mesh sized for each evaporative cooler louver. Aspen pads are extremely normally used simply because the aspen shavings absorb and release humidity extremely proficiently. By releasing extra h2o into the passing air, the temperature fall working with aspen pads is greater than some other resources. Whilst these aspen pads are not as productive as CELdek media, which is cellulose paper engineered into honeycomb formed blocks. CELdek media generally comes in 8 in. and twelve in. thick blocks. Due to the fact the air passes through thicker substance extra h2o is absorbed which provides a bigger temperature fall to the air. Due to the fact aspen pads are far much less pricey to manufacture they are extra normally used in evaporative coolers.

Why Change Pads Consistently

            So why need to you alter aspen pads just about every calendar year even though they do not glance that undesirable just after just one calendar year? Your float valve allows lots of gallons of h2o into the cooler each working day. As the h2o distributes about all the aspen pads it is consistently evaporating. This is superior as it produces amazing air. But on the other hand it is leaving all the unique minerals from these gallons of h2o each working day to retain setting up up in the cooler pan. As this closely mineraled h2o pumps into the aspen pads, these pads keep much of the minerals. Don’t forget in these sorts of coolers the aspen pad is in get hold of with the steel louvers. These minerals becoming held against the steel louvers can deteriorate the louvers several years prior to they need to.

Weigh the Costs

            From my working experience, most evaporative cooler house owners do extremely minor maintenance and complain that the coolers do not previous long more than enough. Other folks, who do conclusion of the calendar year maintenance, drain and clear the cooler pan and experience they are getting superior treatment of their cooler. But they are leaving a large quantity of minerals in the cooler pads through the winter season, waiting around to deteriorate the steel as before long as the upcoming cooling time starts off. Household cooler pads about $seven each and depending on no matter whether your cooler is a window mount, side draft or down draft roof top rated device, you are only working with 3 or 4 pads for each cooler. Expending $20-$thirty for each calendar year on aspen cooler pads can usually be far much less pricey than getting and installing a new cooler several years prior to you need to have to. I hope this aid to imagine about altering your cooler pads each calendar year.

Source by Aaron Washburn