“Let there be no compulsion in Religion: truth stands out clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah (one God) has grasped the most trustworthy hand hold, that never breaks. and Allah hears, and knows all things.”
(Qur’an, Al-Baqarah 2:256)

Its important to each and every person to understand the basic scriptures of their Religion or faith in light of truth, Scientific Facts and Modern Scientific Discoveries because our Faith and belief completely depend upon these scripture. also its matter of  our Salvation.

Almighty Allah had made Mandatory to every Muslim give to the true message [Holy Scripture Quran which was sent to his Slave and Prophet Muhammad Pbuh] of Islam to each and every person around the world.

One God ,One Human Race, So Almighty God has not given rights to any Individual or group who ever may be to  destroy his beautiful creation of  human race in name of  religion, caste, tribes etc. So every one of us should condemn and fight together all kinds of terrorism and extremism. Let’s join our hands to gather and spread message of peace.


[Shiva Purna]

Shivarati Vrata

Shivaratri is the tithi (lunar day) on which Brahma and Vishnu had worshipped Shiva.  A vrata is a special religious rite that is performed.  A vrata observed on shivaratri (the night dedicated to Shiva) is particularly important.  It brings undying punya.  One stays up at night and prays to a linga.  One also has to observe a fast.

There used to be a hunter named Rurudruha.  He was not at all righteous.  In fact, he was quite evil and cruel.  He killed many deer and he was also a robber and thief.  Naturally, Rurudruha knew nothing about shivaratri vrata.

But it happened to be shivaratri when the hunter’s parents, wife and children felt very hungry.  They asked Rurudruha to go and get some meat so that they might eat.  The hunter went to the forest to kill deer, but could not find any.  It was already evening and no game was to be seen.  Rurdruha found a water-hole and decided that he would keep a vigil there.  Sooner or later, some animal was bound to turn up.  He climbed up onto a bilva tree that was by the side of the water-hole.  And in case he should feel thirsty, he kept a pot full of water next to him.  There he waited.

Soon a doe turned up to drink water.  The hunter picked up his bow and arrow.  When he did so, the tree shock and a few bilva leaves fell on a linga that was right under the tree.  Bilva leaves are sacred to Shiva.  Some water spilled from the pot and also fell on the linga.  Rurudruha did not of course know this. 
But the doe saw the hunter.  Don’t kill me right now,  said the does.  My children and husband are at home.  Let me go and bid them farewell.  When I return, you are welcome to kill me.

The hunter was in no mood to let the doe go.  Does an animal return to be killed?  But the doe took an oath and Rurdruha let her go. 
After a short while, another doe turned up to drink water.  The two does were sisters and both of them married to the same deer.  As before, the tree shook and bilva leaves and some water fell on the linga.

The doe saw the hunter and said, Wait for sometime before you kill me.  Let me say goodbye to my husband and children. 
The hunter was reluctant to let the doe go.  But the second doe also took an oath that she would return.  So Rurudruha decided to wait. 
After the doe had gone, the deer turned up to drink water.  And when the hunter picked up his bow and arrow, bilva leaves and water again fell on the linga. 
The deer said, Hunter, let me go now.  I will come back and you can kill then.  I wish to bid adieu to my two wives and children.

The deer also took on oath that he would return and Rurudruha let him go. 
After some time had passed, the two does and the deer came to where Rurdruha was.  Each said, Kill me and spare the others.  They need to stay alive to look after the children.  The baby deer had also accompanied their parents.  They said,Kill us.  We don’t wish to stay alive when our parents are gone.  The hunter was so surprised at these developments that the tree shook again.  Bilva leaves and water fell on the linga.

Shiva now took pity on Rurdruha and removed all evil thoughts from his mind.  The hunter spared the deer.  Shiva himself appeared before Rurudruha and said, From now on your name will be Guha.  You will be so blessed that Rama will become your guest. 
This story demonstrates that even if shivaratrivrata is performed unconsciously, great punya is obtained.

Critic Objection : why does deers and other animals had not talk to that hunter Rurudruha earlier or made similar request and scarify for their family. as they mention in above story, then after that event hunter give-up his hunting profession and become vegetarian.

Again, why on shivaratri, carnivorous animal like loins, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, wolfs and foxes etc will do fasting and they will not hunt any herbivorous animals like deers, cow, goat, sheep, buffalo etc. because on shivaratri suddenly animal start talking to each other  and become honest, sincere, humble and ready to scarify themself for their family. and even to make it more dramatic herbivorous animals  will also do fasting, because plants and trees also have life. so they will not like to kill  plant and trees. This doesn’t make any sense. Similarly the above story also doesn’t make any sense. we have to pray, worship and also do fasting to purify ourselves, But on a particular night like shivaratri, the animals will start behaving differently has stated above, doesn’t make any sense.


Sita and the Ketaki Flower

Romaharshana told the assembled sages, It is easy to please Shiva.  But Shiva must never be worshipped with a ketaki or a champaka flower. 
Why, what is wrong with these flowers? asked the sages. 
Let me tell you about the ketaki flower first, replied Romaharshana. 
Rama’s father Dasharatha asked Rama to spend fourteen years in the forest.  So Rama went to the forest with his brother Lakshmana and his wife Sita.  The three of them started to live on the banks of the river Falgu.  News reached the forest that Dasharatha had died in their absence and a shraddha (funeral) ceremony had to performed for the dead king.

Rama sent Lakshmana to a nearby village to get the necessary ingredients.  Time passed and Lakshmana did not return.  Rama then went to get the ingredients and look for Lakshmana.  But Rama too did not return.  It was almost noon and the ceremony had to be performed before noon.  In desperation, Sita decided to perform the ceremony herself.  She went and bathed in the Falgu river and lit an earthen lamp.  She then made the offerings (pinda) to the dead ancestors herself.

Immediately, a voice was heard.  Sita, you are blessed, it said.  We are satisfied. 
In utter amazement Sita watched some disembodied hands appear in the air to accept the offerings. 
Who are you? Asked Sita. 
I am your dead father-in-law, answered the voice. The funeral ceremony has been successful.  I have accepted your offerings. 
But Rama and Lakshmana are going to believe me, said Sita.  They will never believe that such disembodied hands appeared out of thin air to accept the offerings. 
They have to. answered the voice.  You have four witnesses.  The first is the Falgu river.  The second is the cow over there.  The third will be the fire.  And the last one will be the ketaki bush.

Rama and Lakshmana returned and said, Cook the food quickly.  There is very little time left.  We have to complete the funeral ceremony before noon. 
Sita told them what happened, and naturally, the two brothers did not believe her.  They made fun of her and suggested that she was lying.  Sita called upon her four witnesses, but each denied that it had seen anything.  Without arguing any further, Sita cooked the food and Rama made offerings to his ancestors. 
A voice was then heard from the sky.  Why are you calling us again? it said.  Sita has already satisfied us.

I refuse to believe that, said Rama. 
Indeed, it is true, retorted the voice. Ask the sun god. 
The sun god confirmed that everything had happened just as Sita had said it had.  Rama and Lakshmana were ashamed that they had doubted Sita and were also impressed with the power of her virtue.  But Sita cursed the four false witnesses.  She cursed the Falgu river that it would henceforth only flow underground.  She cursed the ketaki flower (pandanus odoratissimus) that it would never be accepted by Shiva as an offering.

She cursed the cow that its mouth would henceforth become impure. It had, after all, lied with its mouth.   The hind sections of the cow would however continue to be pure.  And finally Sita cursed the fire that it would consume everything indiscriminately.

That is the reason why a ketaki flower must never be used to worship Shiva.

Critic Objection : Again It  proves the foolishness of  author. When Sita had cursed the fire that it would consume everything indiscriminately, then why did the fire  had not  burnt Sita  when she had pass through the ring of fire for proving her purity ????? This clearly proves that the Sita’s cursed had not come true. if this curse not came true then how does the mouth of the cow become impure and hind section of  cow remain pure ????? again if Rama is the incarnation of Vishnu then he could summon the fire god Agni to know whether his wife is lying or not ???? So these are just baseless fantasy which itself proves that these are handwork of confused humans who wouldn’t  had any idea about his own work.


The Ashes

Parvati said, I understand about the moon now.  But why do you always smear ashes on your body?  What is the reason for that? 
Shiva told her the story. 
There used to be a brahmana who was descended from the great sage Bhrigu.  This brahmana began a very difficult tapasya.  The tremendous heat of the summer made no difference to him.  Nor was he disturbed by the downpour of the monsoon.   He was only interested in meditating.  When he felt hungry, he used to ask the bears, the deer, the lions and the jackals to fetch him some fruits.  The wild beasts had lost  all fear of him, they served him instead.  Later on, the brahmana gave up eating fruits also.  He ate only green leaves.  And because leaves are called parna, the brahmana came to be known as Parnada.  He performed tapasya for many years. 
One day, Parnada was cutting some grass and his scythe slipped and sliced off his middle finger.  Parnada was amazed to find that no blood issued from the severed joint.  Instead, a sap like that which issues from plants came out.  Parnada’s vanity knew no bounds.  He realized that his was due to the fact that he had been living on green leaves for such long time.  Parnada began to jump with delight. 
Shiva decided that Parnada needed to be taught a lesson.  He disguised himself as a brahmana and arrived before Parnada. 
Why are you so happy? asked Shiva. 
Can’t you see? replied Parnada.  My tapasya has been so successful that my blood has become like the sap of plants. 
This sort of vantiy destroys the fruits of all tapasya, said Shiva.  What have you got to be so proud about?  Your blood has only turned into the sap of plants.  What happens when you burn plants?  They become ashes.  I myself have performed so much tapasya that my blood has becomes ashes. 
Shiva sliced off his middle finger and ashes came out of it.  Parnada was impressed.  He realized that there was nothing that he could be proud about; here was a far greater hermit than he.  He asked Shiva who he was and Shiva then displayed his true form to Parnada. 
Ever since that day, there have always been ashes on Shiva’s body.

Critic Objection : This is again a baseless story without any logic,how can a human blood will turn to sap of plant just because he was eating green leaves, then so many herbivorous animals like cows, deer, goats etc eat only green leafs for their entire life but their blood is remain blood forever. again even though animals like loin, tiger etc had become slave or friends of brahmana, they will give him what they will eat, that is animal flesh rather then fruits. here author by mistake mentioned carnivorous animals rather then herbivorous animals such as deer, goat, cow etc. Again if Instead of blood, ash was flowing inside body of Lord Shiva then his heart have to pump ash in his body rather than blood, which  will inturn make him a  different kind of creature which no one  ever heard off.



Tarakasura had three sons named Vidyunmali, Tarakaksha and Viryavana.  These three began to perform tapasya.  For a hundred years they meditated standing only on one leg.  For a thousand more years they lived on air and meditated.  They stood on their heads and meditated in this posture for yet another thousand years. 
Brahma was pleased at this difficult tapasya.  He appeared before them and said, What boon do you want? 
Make us immortal, answered Tarakasura’s sons. 
I can’t make you immortal, replied Brahma.  I don’t have the power. Ask for something else instead. 
Very well, then, said Viyunamali, Tarakaksha and Viryavana Grant us the following.  Let three forts be made.   The first will be of gold, the second of silver and the third of iron.  We will live in these forts for a thousand years.  At the end of the thousand years, the forts will become one.  This combined fort will be called Tripura.  And it anyone can then destroy Tripura with only a single arrow, that shall be the death destined for us. 
This rather unusual boon Brahma granted.  There was a danava named Maya who was very good at building work.  Brahma asked him to build the forts.   The golden fort was built in heaven, the silver one in the sky and the iron one on earth.  Tarakaksha got the golden fort, Viryavana the silver one and Vidyunmali the iron one.  Each of the forts was a big as a city and had many palaces and vimanas (spaces vehicles) inside.

The demons populated the three forts and began to flourish.  The gods did not like this at all.  They first went to Brahma, but Brahma said he could not help them.  After all, the demons had got Tripura thanks to his boon.  The gods then went to Shiva for help.  But Shiva said that the demons were doing nothing wrong.  As long as that was the case, he did not see why the gods wre so bothered.  The gods then went to Vishnu.  Vishnu’s suggestion was as follows.  If the problem was that the demons were doing nothing wrong, the solution was to persuade them to become sinners. 
Out of his powers Vishnu created a man.  This man’s head was shaven, his clothes were faded and he carried a wooden water-pot in his hands.  He covered his mouth with a piece of cloth and approached Vishnu. 
What are my orders? he asked Vishnu. 
Let me explain to you why you have been created, replied Vishnu.  I will teach you a religion that is completely against the Vedas.  You will then get the impression that there is no svarga (heaven) and no naraka (hell) and that both heaven and hell are on earth.  You will not believe that rewards and punishments for deeds committed on earth are meted out after death.  Go to Tripura and teach the demons this religion, which they are dislodged from the righteous path.  Then we will do something about Tripura. 
The being did as he had been asked to.  He and four of his disciples went to a forest that was near Tripura and began to preach.  They were trained by Vishnu himself.  Therefore, their teachings were convincing and they had many converts.  Even the sage Narada got confused and was converted.

In fact, it was Narada who carried news of this wonderful new religion to king Vidyunmati. 
King, he said, there is a wonderful new teacher with a wonderful new religion.  I have never heard before.  I have got converted. 
Since the great sage Narada had got converted.  Vidyunmati also accepted the new religon.  And in due course, so did Tarakaksha and Viryavana.  The demons gave up revering the Vedas, they stopped worshipping Shiva’s linga. 
Vishnu and the other gods then went to Shiva and began to pray to him.  When Shiva appeared, they told him that the demons had now become evil and should be destroyed.  They had even stopped worshipping Shiva’s linga. 
Shiva agreed to destroy Tripura.  Vishvakarma was the architect of the gods.  Shiva called Vishvakarma and asked him to make a suitable chariot, bow and arrow.  The chariot was made entirely out of gold.  Brahma himself became the charioteer and the chariot was speedly driven towards Tripura.  The gods accompanied Shiva with diverse weapons. 
By then a thousand years had passed so that the three forts had  become a single Tripura.  Shiva instilled a divine weapon known as pashupata into his arrow and shot it at Tripura.  The arrow burnt up Tripura into ashes in a split second. 
While the celebrations were going on, the shaven-heads religious teachers arrived.  What are we supposed to do now? they asked. 
Brahma and Vishnu told them to go and live in the desert.  The last of the four eras was kaliyuga and in kaliyuga, evil would reign supreme.  When kaliyuga arrived, they were to come back and begin their teaching afresh.

Critic Strongest Objection : when the demons were living peaceful  in their alloted place without making any kind of sins and also following all rules and regulation  according to the divine Vedas, when both Brahma and Shiva  rejected  the unlawful proposal of  jealous gods to destroy the  demons who were in righteous path, then why did Vishnu  agreed and hatch conspiracy against demons who were in righteous path ???. this was the  job of devil who inturn misguide righteous people from righteous path.

If  Vishnu himself being the Sustainer of  the  universe, hatch conspiracy and misguide demons from righteous path and later in the name of dharma destroy them. then how should the deeds of righteous peoples or demons can be judge when god himself misguide them to do sin or evil. even if  we consider humans and demons will be reborn or incarnate again after their death depend upon their deeds, then how god will judge their deed whom god himself  misguided  ?????. when the rulers of Universe themselves decide whether these individual should do good deed or bad deed so lets make him good or bad person. when human doesn’t any control even to do either good or bad deed. then what is the real meaning of   life and reason behind for  their creation.  this proves that the author of  all avatars ans Puranas got confused and written such ridiculous  story which is hard to digest.

Note : When Sage Narada had also accepted  and followed the new religion  and he was one who had told about this new religion to the demons,So he also become a Sinner, then why Shiva or Vishnu not killed him. then why was this in justice towards demons and in Kaliyuga towards humans.

on other hand Vishnu doesn’t have any problem when gods like Indra commit heinous crime such as

  • Indra  used his own flesh and blood his daughter jayanti in the most heinous way to cheat Shukracharya in order to destroy demons.
  • when Indra the king of heaven and gods, filled with unholy desire for the beautiful Ahalya, entered in disguised as Gautama and approached the lady with urgent solicitation. She lost her judgment and yielded to his desire. Later he got cursed by sage Gautama and lost his manhood.
  • Indra enter womb of  his   own  Aunt Diti  and use his vajra to chap her son into fourty nine pieces.
  • when Brahma himself  married her daughter Shatarupa forcefully, forget to create partner for his son Svayambhuva Manu, then his son married to his own mother.

So Brothers and Sisters these are just unlawful and baseless fantasy created by humans who doesn’t any proper knowledge of  laws and logics. If we analysis these fantasy in light of  Scientific fact and modern scientific discovery then we will  completely understand and totally convince  ourselves that  these kind of avatars and Puranas are just  baseless, illogical and untrue stories.

Note : Modern Science has indeed proved that Holy Quran is the divine revelation from Almighty god who is the creator and sustainer of heaven and earth. Please refer Miracles of Holy Quran and  Proof  of Islam in our websites. www.waytotruth.weebly.com and www.the islamshow,weebly.com

In Quran Almighty Allah Said, if  we repent  and ask  forgiveness  before god and remain on righteous path  then, he will accept our forgiveness even though if  we had committed  most heinous sins and evils on earth,  before the angel of death stand Infront of  us or sun rise from west,  Condition we have to believe and establish worship  in only one true god who is creater and sustainer of heaven and earth, the ruler of day of judgement, and also should believe in all prophets whom almighty god had sent along with divine revelation to guide their nations or peoples to right path,  from first Prophet Adam. Pbuh to the last Prophet Muhammad. Pbuh.

The Day of Judgment

On the Day of Judgments which is a single day of 50000 years, they day which is promised, they day which is sure, they day which inevitable, Allah subhanatala rises Mankind from their graves, from each graves 70 people’s will be rises bare foot, naked, uncircumcised. we will be assemble before him on a day of terror, the day of fear, this is the day of judgments or  al-Qiyâmah, one day of 50000 years for disbelievers. There will be 3 kinds of Sins which Almighty Allah judge which mankind had committed in their life time.

The Sins which human are done against their own souls and disobedient to Allah Subhanatala which can be easily removed due humiliation, terror and punishment of day of judgments, these sins are removed due tauba repentance,  then are the other  sins which human beings are committed against others these are not subject forgiveness except the one who oppress is recompensed by one who he or she oppress him or her, , than if two people did evil against each other the only way to sought  it out is exchange of deeds, the person who sensed against person or oppress will take good deed of sensed person or oppressor, if the sensed person don’t have any good deed then the sins of oppress person will transfer to the oppressor.

Final the third type of sin or zulam which is never be forgiven, the sin or zulam whose punishment is eternal hell fire, eternal existence in a place where Allah will burn their skin and recreate their skin and again burn their skin,The hell fire will be 70 times more hot than present earth fire, a place where Allah pour upon his peoples the boiling water which burn the faces and burn their insides, where place where only food is tree of zaqum whose fruits are like devils dead and the only drink is the pus of wounds or pus discharge from genital of fornicators, this the drink of people of hell fire. The people who make shirk with Allah, they will stay in that hellfire forever and they will never ever come out from hell and paradise will be made forbidden to them. Allah will not forgive them, It doesn’t matter what deed you did, It doesn’t matter what good you did, it doesn’t matter how charitable you are, it doesn’t matter how pious you are, whether you are Mother Theresa, Diana Spencer, whatever your name was, whatever your lineage was, whatever the ancestry was, whatever the tribe was. Whatever your nation was, it will make no difference, if you meet Allah have committed shirk or kuffur and haven’t repent then you are aboard to eternal hellfire from which you will never come out.



In Order to Create, God Has No Need to Plan

It’s important to properly understand the word “design.” If God has created a flawless design that does not mean that He first conceived a plan and then followed it. Allah, the Lord of the Earth and the heavens, needs no “designs” in order to bring anything into existence. God is exalted above all such deficiencies. Both His planning and His creation take place at the same instant.

Whenever God wills a thing to come about, it is enough for Him just to say, “Be!”  As we are told in the verses of the Qur’an:

His command when He desires a thing is just to say to it, “Be!” and it is. (In Holy Quran Surah Ya Sin: Verses 82)

[God is] the Originator of the heavens and Earth. When He decides on something, He just says to it, “Be!” and it is. (In Holy Quran, Surat Al-Baqara: Verses 117


[Quran’s Open Challenge to Medical Science]

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