The Shaman Eagle
Script for animated shorter aspect by Ivan Bogoev, university student in Animation at NBU, Sofia

This is a wonderful story blended with the folklore of the North American Indian tribes that talks about white folks and Indians, about fight and defeat and about the conference of an previous Indian lady with the shaman of the tribe who has the magic energy to flip into eagle and vise versa. His mission is to protect his tribe by saving a baby’s existence. The shaman saves the collective spirit of the tribe and continues its path in the eternity of mother nature…
Taking into consideration the attributes of the animated shorter aspect with its inherent restricted screen time, I stood ahead of the test to pick a theme, which concurrently can be recognized visually extraordinary and situations very well started.
Searching at the world of Indians and their folklore was in favor of their decided on subject that discusses particularly the preservation of spouse and children and connection with the spirits of mother nature.
As a significant supply of inspiration and information I utilised myths and legends from the folklore of the North American Indians. I stumbled upon the legend of the 5 factors of mother nature – fire, air, water, land and…eagle. According to legend, an adolescent can mature as a guy when he went hunting in the forest and satisfy deal with to deal with with the last element – the eagle. I blended portion of this custom with a wonderful element of metamorphosis and changed the plot in yet another way – the eagle now turns into a shaman who meets his folks and save their potential. The movie briefly touches a especially unfortunate moment in the heritage of Indian folks – the settlement of white men who compelled seize the lands of indigenous folks of North The usa and led them to the brink of genocide. I needed to oppose baleful existence of white folks in the life of Indians driven by the therapeutic strenght of the eagle – a image and idol. I composed the impression of an eagle with the visual appeal of the character of the shaman.
The shaman is a really critical figure in the Indian community. He is the one particular who communicates with spirits of mother nature, who sees into the potential and the one particular who receives the present to fall into trance and to exorcise demons and conditions from the bodies and souls. His enigmatic figure decides to reincarnate by transforming into an eagle and vice versa.
The Eagle and the shaman, their mother nature and mission are inextricably linked.
The methods utilised for the visual language in the movie served me reach a ripple impact of story telling and incompleteness in the dynamic photographs. They appear from nowhere on the screen, honor us with their existence for a shorter time and then they are lost again, becoming changed by new types. So I identified a correct method the 2nd drawn animation on paper with gentle pastel and charcoal in mixture with 2nd personal computer consequences and composition.
Coloring I first selected to be in a poorer gamma – grey, black, white, green in order to emphasize what is going on, the motion, the drama and the feeling for wintertime.
At the conclude of the movie I demonstrate mountain views and pine trees, wrapped in the shades of the sunset. This picture which is demonstrated in the ultimate seconds of the movie I selected to paint in entire shade in contrast to the monochrome ambiance at the commencing of the movie. With that I goal to instill hope, which occurs immediately after wintertime, immediately after the destruction and sorrow with the tactic of spring.
Also really Critical is the audio layout in a movie creation. That is why I cautiously picked Indian people new music. Drums, flutes and the certain rhythm that fascinates along with the very simple but strong in messages melody merged beautifully in the principal pattern of photographs and animation in the movie. I utilised the audio of the wind also, because it associates with folklore again. Indians consider that folks are dwelling when the wind blows in their souls. If it stops, they die. So does the melody, so does their flight…

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